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Five Advantages of a Global Education

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What’s Inside

  • The definition of a global education and its importance in an interconnected world.
  • Five ways a global education prepares students to be difference-makers in a changing world.
  • Insights from educational leaders about the value of learning through a global lens.
  • A note from Brownell Talbot Head of School Kristi N. Gibbs, Ed.D.


The challenges of the 21st century will be tackled by our children, and they are inheriting a world with complex issues. To effectively prepare them for lifelong success, we must help them fully understand the world and themselves.

Students who become responsible global citizens capable of making change need a school environment focused on fundamental pillars. An education that teaches them to embrace differences, stay curious, develop self-awareness, think critically, and understand how to collaborate as part of a team equips children as leaders and lifelong learners.

A global education empowers students to understand themselves and the world around them: different cultures, perspectives, and ways of accomplishing meaningful, demanding work. This guide reveals how a global education at the primary and secondary levels helps your child find their unique ability to change the world.

Brownell Talbot teaches students to be the architects of their education. The academic rigor of Brownell Talbot is far beyond other schools because it challenges students to think outside the box and motivate themselves to excel in their coursework and ask questions.

Anna Kotula, ’19

Creighton University Pre-Med Student

I believe Brownell Talbot prepared me extremely well for college. I found myself teaching my classmates the same things my teachers at BT taught me, and it landed me a job tutoring at my college. Along with academics, the Brownell Talbot name has continued to impress my professors and fellow colleagues at Clarkson.

Bailey DiNucci, ’19

Clarkson College Student

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